C H I A R A  A N G E L I C O L A


Chiara Angelicola (born September 15, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, performance artist, and educator, known for her work in the musical projects Motel Pools and most notably Bird Call. She currently resides in Mill Valley, CA.

The Sound Projects tab will direct you to some information regarding her work in the musical project Bird Call and her most recent work in Motel Pools. Chiara is also available for commercial songwriting, vocals, and live performance through her management, Vamnation Entertainment. To inquire further, please visit the Contact tab to get in touch.

The Collaborations tab exhibits the various creative works Angelicola has worked on with other artists. Collaborations range in mediums from video, poetry, to sound. 

Finally, the Education page is dedicated to explicating Chiara's pedagogical views and professional efforts in the early childhood education field. In 2015, she released her first children's songbook set to the lyrics of the Bird Call song, "Waltz in the Snow".  You can visit this tab to download the song, purchase the book, and read more about Chiara's passion for early childhood education.