Bird Call


Since its inception in 2009, Chiara Angelicola’s most well-known project Bird Call has lured fans and perked ears from music critics like Under the Radar, who described Bird Call as "dangerous and romantic, emoting over a bed of cinema-worthy synths like Grimes on downers."  Because of the artist’s known propensity towards a mercurial presence and sound, she is always evolving, yet rooted in a foundation of vulnerable lyrics and a voice that WNYC describes as “direct and impassioned”. Since her 2011 International Songwriting Competition win for “Best Performer”  beside pop artist, Kimbra, Angelicola has gone on to share the stage with artists such as Angel Olsen, Empress Of, Kyp Malone’s Rain Machine, Ice Balloons, Donna Lewis and Reptar. In the last decade, Angelicola has released five EPs and two LPs. Bird Call’s music has been licensed for widespread use and heard on several television networks including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Fox, and Lifetime.

Bird Call's forthcoming LP, Year of the Dogfish, set to be released in 2019, is Angelicola's first full-length release since her Will We Get to Mars LP (Zap Records, 2013), which was produced by Bryan Senti (Feist, Mark Ronson, Rufus Wainwright), and which The Guardian stamped as “heart-burstingly lovely”. Since then, Chiara additionally released two EP’s with her second project, Motel Pools, Volume I (2015) and Volume II (2016), with the former produced by Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio.

Year of the Dogfish is a collection of songs written by Angelicola between 2016 and 2018, during which Chiara left the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles. Year of the Dogfish is Angelicola's representation of the complexities of solitude, isolation, loss, recovery, and, ultimately, transcendence. It is her most honest work to date and produced by the artist herself alongside longtime friend, engineer, and mixer Gabriel Galvin of Four Foot Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Motel Pools

© Gretchen Robinette 2015

© Gretchen Robinette 2015

Motel Pools is a punk project started by Angelicola in 2015. Spin describes Motel Pools as having “grit and grime” while Impose Magazine described Motel Pools as “a particularly delectable style of fashionable destitution." Friend Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio worked beside Chiara as producer for the Motel Pools debut EP in 2015, and Angelicola produced Volume II along with directing the three music videos for “Waste Away”, “Lemme Walk Your Dog”, which features Ryan Katzner of Man Man, and “Suburbia”. 
Abrasive yet darling, earnest and playful, Chiara delivers a body of work that reckons with the perils of the ruthless music industry, her childhood suburban haunts, and former lovers.

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