Along with being a musician and artist, Angelicola has worked as an early childhood educator for ten years. Chiara graduated from the University of California - Santa Cruz in 2006 with a BA in Child Development Psychology and Honors in her major. She has worked in the early childhood education field since then, both as an educator and supervisor, training teachers and facilitating workshops for parent community education. Chiara's main pedagogical passions emphasize best practices from Reggio Emilia philosophy, co-constructivist theory and creativity-driven curriculum. In 2016, she was a founding contributor and designer of The Discovery School's first kinder-prep classroom within the walls of the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) in Sausalito, CA, for which she led and taught during the school year. During this time, Chiara worked beside BADM's on-site Center for Childhood Creativity to implement the nation's latest cutting-edge research on STEM, creativity and collaboration-focused learning experiences. Angelicola is a member of the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance and the National Association for the Education of Young Children, along with its regional counterpart in California. Within these organizations and independently, Chiara is interested in propagating for the wider development and implementation of inclusive, collaborative and creativity-focused experiences for early childhood learners. 

In fall 2017, Angelicola founded the Silver Lake Center for Creativity preschool. Please visit the school's website for more information on enrollment:

Angelicola released a musical children's book entitled Waltz in the Snow, which features the lyrics from her song "Waltz in the Snow" from The Animals Know EP (2010), set beside the psychedelic black and white illustrations of musician Steven Trimmer of the band Grass Giraffes. This book is perfect for coloring in with the whole family. Download the song from Bird Call's EP below and listen to the song while you read and color!


Click on the thumbnails below to take a peek at some of the magical pages from the book:


You can purchase a copy of Waltz in the Snow - A Story and Song via Amazon here.