Along with being a musician and artist, Angelicola has worked for 6+ years as an early childhood educator. She has experience teaching emergent curriculum and implementing pedagogies inspired by the early childhood systems of Reggio Emilia, Italy and social-constructivist theories. 

She has  created a musical children's book featuring the lyrics from her song "Waltz in the Snow" featured on The Animals Know EP (2010), set beside the psychedelic black and white illustrations of musician Steven Trimmer from the Athens, Georgia band Grass Giraffes. This book is perfect for coloring in! The whole family will enjoy this art activity, song, and book. Download the song from Bird Call's EP here, and listen to the song while you read and color!

Click on the thumbnails below to take a peek at some of the magical pages from the book!


You can purchase a copy of Waltz in the Snow - A Story and Song via Amazon here.